Fuzzy logic Or neuron found in frog brain

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Sat Dec 12 22:49:12 EST 1998

What you cite, David, Substantiates the existence of the "special
topological homeomorphism", as it's discussed in AoK, in frogs'
audition... (it's in the ipsilateral/contralateral reactivity
differential) but I don't see the discussion on your web page as being
sufficient to substantiate attribution of "inclusive or" functionality
to a "single neuron".

First, single-neuron recording is only sufficient over many trials, in
which the recording site is varied so that the collective data is as a
topologically-distributed virtual "array"... this end can be facilitated
by using recording-electrode arrays.

I've never seen any evidence that verifies (or even substantiates) the
Existence of "grandmother cells"... and, although such evidence would be
exceedingly-Interesting, I don't expect that such will ever be found
because it'd establish a "boundary" that'd totally-defy the Verified
global neural topology's Integration... until I see more evidence, I'll
have to say that no neuron "stands alone". ken collins

david_olmsted at my-dejanews.com wrote:
> A fuzzy logic INCLUSIVE OR neuron was recorded from the auditory system of
> the frog brain back in 1978. The researchers did not know what to make of it
> and did not suggest that it was a logical operation yet it passes only the
> greatest valued signal presented to it.
> For details and the actual graph of this neuron's response see the bottom of
> the home page at http://www.neurocomputing.org.
> Sincerely,
> David Olmsted
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