Spike initiation in central neurones

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Sat Dec 12 22:25:52 EST 1998

Hannah Dvorak-Carbone wrote:

> If you haven't seen it already, you may want to check out: Kamondi, A., Acsády,
> L., and Buzsáki, G. 1998. Dendritic spikes are enhanced by cooperative network
> activity in the hippocampus. Journal of Neuroscience 18:3919-3928.  This paper
> uses recordings from hippocampal pyramidal cell dendrites in vivo to look at
> spike initiation sites, among other things.

"Spikiing in the dendrites" is initiated =solely= by the passive spread
of ionic conductances which are, of course influenced by "cooperative
network activity"... not only occurring within this-or-that "place"
within the nervous system, but within the nervous system as a whole.

If the voltage across the membrane is sufficient, a self-regenerating
"spike" occurs... if the voltage across the membrane is insufficient, a
self-regenerating "spike" does =not= occur... what Determines the
voltage across the membrain? its local ionic "state", which is
Determined by the ionic conductanced throughout the nervous system as a
whole, of course, with correlated latencies. K. P. Collins

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