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[small, but Important, additional comment within]

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> TONYJEFFS wrote:
> >
> > Hi Ray & all,
> > I agree with virtually everything you say.
> > The only exception is:  I believe that my unique awareness of my own existance,
> > is good evidence that I have a soul - a soul that may well be nothing more than
> > a passive observer. (statistically, it is imo infinitely improbable that I
> > would be uniquely and intimately  aware of the existance of  one "TonyJeffs". I
> > can't concieve of a rational explanation for this phenomenon)
> > Irrespective of that, the physical nervous system does appear to be entirely
> > adequate for all human functions.   It follows  that all my decisions, thoughts
> > and actions are systematically formulated in accordance with the development of
> > my cephalated nervous system, and its response to its environment. This renders
> > the concept of 'free will' unnecessary.
> Although Truth Determines everything, Free Will is Physically-Real.
> If one is willing to endure the Consequences of "moving away from"
> "truth", to the degree of such, one =can= "move away from" "truth".
> Small "t"... must be a "catch" in-there, no?
> Yes.
> The "catch" is that, since, in the Absence of the way our nervous
> systems process information, all our nervous systems do is
> Blindly-Automated TD E/I-minimization, it follows that, if within
> this-or-that "group" (family, neighborhood, "gang", "community",
> "corporation", Society, Culture, etc.) folks Blindly "Agree" to
> collectively "move away from" Truth, their collective behavior
> establishes an =Illusion= of there "being truth", as long as folks
> "adhere" to the "group".
> To a non-"group"-member who "wanders-into" the "group's" "territory",
> this Illusory "truth" will have the Appearance of "Truth", but it's all
> "just" sustained by the Blind "Agreement" inherent in the "group's"
> collective behaviorl dynamics.
> Such Illusory "truth" can =Always= be Recognized through just
> "ranging-widely" enough to detect its always-there "boundaries" within
> Never-Changing Truth...

Which is Why =all= Education =Must= be Liberal Arts-big-time, first,
=then= technical specialization. If students skip the Liberal-Arts
stuff, as has been increasingly the case, they are "condemned" to not
being able to Recognize the always-there "boundaries" of
Illusory-"truth"... which is being condemned to Blindness. K. P. Collins

> such is sometimes a =Lot= of Work, but it's
> =Always= Do-able Be-Cause, Love Truth, and Truth Loves you right back...
> that is, "move toward" Truth, and Truth "moves toward" you... that is,
> "move toward" Truth, and you'll =Always= Derive TD E/I-minimization in
> Doing so (and Pleasant biological reward (AoK, Ap5), besides).
> Couple such with the Will to Endure the Physically-Real Work inherent,
> and you Tap-Right-Into Truth's Determinism... all the while, Enjoying
> yourself, despite the Work Required of you... when stated so briefly, it
> sounds like "magic", but it's =not=... it's Something Far-More-Wonderful
> than "magic".
> And It's all =There= Available to =Everyone= in all It's Splendor.
> Do you See Why I so-Persist on Folks' behaves? K. P. Collins (ken)

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