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Sun Dec 13 06:11:18 EST 1998


kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> Doug wrote:
> > I can't accept the notion that when the mind
> > perceives something such as causality it is to
> > be construed as accumulating knowledge haphazardly.
> Think about it in terms of the "knowledge" that's handed-down
> intergenerationally. Whatever's Familiar to one generation tends
> strongly to be "taught" to the next generation, even though it's =only=
> that which is merely-Familiar to the first generation.

This statement of mine needs CLARIFICATION. I was addressing what is,
Verifiably, =only= that which is merely-Familiar.

I was =not= addressing anything that's not Verifiably merely-Familiar
stuff, but which is handed-down, intergenerationally. There's =plenty=
of such... it's "just" that that which is merely-Familiar is so-often
Blindly given precedence over that which is =not= merely-Familiar in
matters of Life-and-Death. Folks Kill folks who're "unlike-self" for no
reason that they are "unlike-self". It was this Tragedy that I was
addressing in my prior post. I was saying "improve the Quality of
Education by weeding-out that which is, Verifiably, merely-Familiar",
not "close the schools".  K. P. Collins

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