Mind.forth Programming Journal: 13 DEC 1998

Mentifex mentifex at scn.org
Sun Dec 13 20:32:31 EST 1998


Today on 13.Dec.1998 in BOOTSTRAP Scr #16 we have begun the psycho-
logical no-no of implanting false memories in the mind of the robot.
But we are not trying to win a court case of how the poor little AI
was abused years ago at MIT or CMU; no, we actually need to create
a false record of linguistic ear{ } engrams in order to associate
the deeply primitive psi{ } concepts up through the English lexicon
labeled uk{ } and finally over into actual engrams in the auditory
memory channel.  But to bootstrap the AI, we had to destroy Scr #16:
Screen # 16    ram:10decB4th
 0  \ Will be a "BOOTSTRAP" screen in later versions.     981210atm
 2     CR ." BOOTSTRAP Scr #16:  Instantiating psi{ } mindcore."
 3  ;  \  BOOTSTRAP returns to MIND Scr #29.
 5  \ 10dec1998: Today Mind.forth AI has gone through a major over-
 6  \ haul and a slight advance -- the stubbing in of "BOOTSTRAP".
 7  \ The bootstrap will instantiate primitive mindcore concepts
 8  \ such as self ("I"), other ("you"), number, negation, action,
 9  \ etc., in a potentially polyglot mindgrid of three levels deep:
10  \  mindcore        lexicon + syntax           sensorium
11  \                  uk{ }    LANG-UK           ear{ }
12  \                  de{ }    LANG-DE           eye{ }
13  \  psi{ }          fr{ }    LANG-FR           nose{ }
14  \                  jp{ }    LANG-JP           skin{ }
15  \                  ru{ }    LANG-RU           tongue{ }

"In order to save the village, we had to destroy the village."
We had to remove all those comments from the BOOTSTRAP Scr #16
in order to commence coding, so everybody please take one last
look at the grand design chiseled into your collective psyches
with the shocking tableau shown above _/\_.  Straight up, huh?

You see, it suddenly hit us several days ago that we could usurp,
aggrandize and veritably *steal* the Internet country codes to
serve as the Forth array names for all the major languages in
the world.  As shown above, the Forth array uk{ } is the lexicon
of the United-Kingdom English language, while LANG-UK is the name
of the subroutine in Mind.forth which generates an English idea,
a thought, by searching through the lexicon array uk{ } to find
not only the momentarily most active concepts, but also some sort
of logical, expressible connection among the group of concepts.

And do you realize, Netizens of the world, the implications for
machine translation?  Although the core concepts in the array psi{ }
will be unique and "non-denominational" (i.e., of all languages), a
Forthmind could contain lexicons and syntaxes for several languages.

http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/ The Mindmaker Project: AI for Robots
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/m-forth.html Mind.forth

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