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Mon Dec 14 09:34:02 EST 1998

G'd Eye, Night,

I Agree with you.

In my "Heart", though, I See that the Sorrowful-Stuff in what you post
is that what you post has been "true" through folks' Free Wills, not
because there's anything in Human nervous systems that "Requires" it to
be as you noted it has, in fact, been.

The New-Day is Dawning, when Humanity's collective Victimhood, which
you've well-noted, will decrease... Joyfully.

Cheers, ken collins

"Sir Knowitall" wrote:
> The history of science abound with conventionally intelligent, formally
> highly educated, numb-heads.
> Although the last expression is not a dispassionate one the statement as a
> whole represents a fact.
> In fact science has progressed in many instances *precisely because* single
> individuals has held-out and prevailed against the resistance from a
> transient majority of tunnel-visioned rigidly thinking individuals.
> "Sir (to me only) Knowitall"
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> >Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
> >[...]
> >
> >> All you have accomplished is disruption of this newsgroup.
> >>
> >> Which brings up an important point.  You are posting from Concentric.
> >> Concentric's Terms of Service specify that you must abide by their
> >> Acceptable Use Policy or your account may be terminated.  Concentric's
> >> Acceptable Use Policy specifically states that disrupting newsgroups
> >> and posting off-topic messages will not be tolerated.
> >>
> >> Why don't you abide by those requirements?
> >
> >I Abide in Truth. K. P. Collins

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