What is the mind?

Terry Smith terrys at gastro.apana.org.au
Mon Dec 14 21:03:39 EST 1998

> From: kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
> Date: 13 Dec 1998 18:25:38 PST

> I took a look at the "Chu space" stuff, and have found that its
> entire focus [concurrent processing] was Reified within my own
> self-published work as of 1980. K. P. Collins

This stands to reason. Your `work' represents all that you understand
regarding conciousness. Anything you can understand that others write
regarding this topic has, ispo facto, been published in your work.

I'm sure it is an important volume in your universe. In mine, such books
are usually written using the same language that the target audience

In useable networks, Microsoft is a client, not a server.

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