What is the mind?

Stanley Friesen [Contractor] stanley at West.Sun.COM
Mon Dec 14 17:09:24 EST 1998

In article <36734ECE.C09 at popd.ix.netcom.com>,
Phil Roberts, Jr. <philrob at popd.ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>However, there is reason to believe that what the brain does, in this
>instance, is non-physical, at least to the extent that you assume 
>physical applies to entities and events in co-ordinates of both 
>space and time.  None of us would even so much as think to look 
>for a thought or feeling employing a physical instrument.

Hmm, so my idea of a real-time neural imaging system designed to measure
a person's thoughts means I am not one of us?

[If it turns out to be impossible, it will be because of the shielding
effect of the skull, not any intrinsic absurdity in the idea].

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