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Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Mon Dec 14 12:15:20 EST 1998

\"Sir Knowitall\ ( at wrote:
: The history of science abound with conventionally intelligent, formally
: highly educated, numb-heads.
: Although the last expression is not a dispassionate one the statement as a
: whole represents a fact.
: In fact science has progressed in many instances *precisely because* single
: individuals has held-out and prevailed against the resistance from a
: transient majority of tunnel-visioned rigidly thinking individuals.

My guess is there are far fewer than you think.  Furthermore, I'd
bet you can't find a single instance in which the scientist who
prevailed against his colleagues was not already an expert in the
field in which he led the revolution.  Not a single one.

It is quite clear that Ken is not an expert in neuroscience (or
for that matter, mathematics or physics) in spite of his claims.
Thus, the probability that he is going to have any effect at all
in neuroscience (or mathematics or physics) is vanishingly small.

Eric Johnson

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