Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Mon Dec 14 11:53:08 EST 1998

kkollins at wrote:
: Beyond this, I See-Clearly that my request for an in-person presentation
: opportunity is nothing at-all-unusual. Given what's in AoK, what's been
: Unusual is that my request for an in-person presentation opportunity has
: gone unfulfilled.

There's nothing unusual about that?  In fact, noone in their right
mind would want to waste their own time, much less that of a large
group of people, studying something that is so unlikely to provide
any benefit to anyone.  

If you want to do a presentation, the first thing you are going to
have to do is prove to people that it is worthwhile to listen to
you.  You could start by proving that you are an expert in mathematics,
physics, and neuroscience as you claimed.  If this claim turns out
to be bogus, you've blown all your credibility from the start.

And it is quite clear that your claim of expertise in those fields
is bogus.  Therefore, you have no credibility.  Therefore, noone
is going to waste the time listening to you.

Eric Johnson

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