A.I. Robots: Are we doomed?

Leif Bloomquist leifb at nospam.com
Mon Dec 14 11:46:34 EST 1998

Rich Walker wrote:

> > On a serious note, though, I have to constantly explain to people WHY we
> > don't have Microsoft products controlling our 50-ton robots.
> I take it your answer now consists of two words:
> USS Yorktown

Wasn't there a Star Trek: TNG Episode where an alien computer 'virus'
wiped out a Galaxy Class starship called the USS Yorktown????

I thought this was what you were referring to until I heard about the
*real* USS Yorktown being taken out of commission by a Windows NT
crash.  (Reported in The November '98 Scientific American).

<brrrr> and a chill filled the room....

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