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Mon Dec 14 10:28:17 EST 1998

dag.stenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi wrote:
> kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> (as a reply to F. Frank LeFever)
> > But you might want to explain why it was that you were wasting your
> > "time" in the 1990s replicating stuff that was already in the textbooks
> > in the 1970s :-)
> He may well have had some new aspects on the syndrome, right? People also
> still publish about genes, although their existence has been known for
> some time.

I Admit that my reply had Mean-Spirited-ness in it, and I Apologize for
that aspect of it. Replication is Necessity.

I do, however, stand on the larger context of my prior post... that
folks tend not to learn the Neuroanatomy, and so, do not See what's easy
to See in it.

> It might be friendly towards the people on the group if you did not
> resubmit the whole previous discussion as a citation. It is quite easy
> to go back to previous poistings if one wants to check up. A minimal
> citation is enough.

I Agree... sometimes I see, though, that not carrying forward the
context would, in the mind of someone who read only the shortened
version, transform a short version of that context into something that
it is not.

Cheers, Dag, ken collins

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