Save the Fluffies

Mary Putzer mbutcher at
Sun Dec 13 22:45:59 EST 1998

> If they eat all the food, surely they'll starve to death anyway?
> --
> Andrew Holmes HND B.Sc.(Hons.) GIBiol

  Well, I think what is happening here is happening in every
Information is presented without fact; mass confusion sets in, and a lot of
people get upset..  Ah, well, the cycle continues.
    The fact of the matter is if you add or remove any species from an ecosystem,
it will affect it in some way.  For example, the desertification of Arizona was
the result of the gov't enacted wolf killings.  Just how released mink affects an
ecosystem needs to be studied.  After research is done, and only after, can one
say how the system was changed.  It may be a small change, such as one species of
plant is reduced in number, or a huge change; such as the aforementioned
desertification (these are only examples; I know nothing about mink).
    I agree that the release of the mink is inappropriate.  The goal should be to
change how non-humans animals are perceived and to get people to understand the
evils of speciesism.  The goal is to get people who do not understand to
understand.  The goal is not to piss off people so the speak to you with a closed
With regards; adding to the confusion,
NAU Dept. of Environmental Studies

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