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Sir Knowitall at
Mon Dec 14 00:28:48 EST 1998

The history of science abound with conventionally intelligent, formally
highly educated, numb-heads.
Although the last expression is not a dispassionate one the statement as a
whole represents a fact.
In fact science has progressed in many instances *precisely because* single
individuals has held-out and prevailed against the resistance from a
transient majority of tunnel-visioned rigidly thinking individuals.

"Sir (to me only) Knowitall"
kkollins at wrote in message
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>Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
>> All you have accomplished is disruption of this newsgroup.
>> Which brings up an important point.  You are posting from Concentric.
>> Concentric's Terms of Service specify that you must abide by their
>> Acceptable Use Policy or your account may be terminated.  Concentric's
>> Acceptable Use Policy specifically states that disrupting newsgroups
>> and posting off-topic messages will not be tolerated.
>> Why don't you abide by those requirements?
>I Abide in Truth. K. P. Collins

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