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Just a one single example: The history of the origin of amorphic solar

Walter Eric Johnson wrote in message <753h38$ch5$1 at>...
>\"Sir Knowitall\ ( at wrote:
>: The history of science abound with conventionally intelligent, formally
>: highly educated, numb-heads.
>: Although the last expression is not a dispassionate one the statement as
>: whole represents a fact.
>: In fact science has progressed in many instances *precisely because*
>: individuals has held-out and prevailed against the resistance from a
>: transient majority of tunnel-visioned rigidly thinking individuals.
>My guess is there are far fewer than you think.  Furthermore, I'd
>bet you can't find a single instance in which the scientist who
>prevailed against his colleagues was not already an expert in the
>field in which he led the revolution.  Not a single one.
>It is quite clear that Ken is not an expert in neuroscience (or
>for that matter, mathematics or physics) in spite of his claims.
>Thus, the probability that he is going to have any effect at all
>in neuroscience (or mathematics or physics) is vanishingly small.
>Eric Johnson

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