What is the mind?

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Mon Dec 14 20:25:54 EST 1998

A Realization of what you'd formerly "proposed" would have to be,
itself, at least as complex as the nervous system it was to "monitor",
and beyond this, complexity, it'd need to be able to acquire information
Experientially, and it'd have to Physically occupy the same 3-D space as
its "subject", if it were to "succeed".

There's a "far-cry" between "lie detectors" and the sort of "monitoring"
device which you "proposed".

God can do such, but, because of the Necessity of occupying the same 3-D
space as its subject, us folks, so-extremely-very-much-Less-than God,
Will-Never "Achieve" such.

This's not to say we won't have some capable machines. We Will... and
=iff= we do our work Well, and with all of our Innate Good-Spirit,
they'll Serve Humankind Well... but they'll "just" not be the
"omnipotent" sort of thing that you've "proposed". 

Humans, given the Understanding, will always be fr-better at what you
propose than machines, because only Humans can come, in any small-way,
to approximating the shared-3-D-space Requirement. I'd, at least, unplug
any machine that'd be so "unfortunate" to be assigned to "monitor" me.
ken collins

Stanley Friesen [Contractor] wrote:
> In article <36734ECE.C09 at popd.ix.netcom.com>,
> Phil Roberts, Jr. <philrob at popd.ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> >However, there is reason to believe that what the brain does, in this
> >particular
> >instance, is non-physical, at least to the extent that you assume
> >physical applies to entities and events in co-ordinates of both
> >space and time.  None of us would even so much as think to look
> >for a thought or feeling employing a physical instrument.
> Hmm, so my idea of a real-time neural imaging system designed to measure
> a person's thoughts means I am not one of us?
> [If it turns out to be impossible, it will be because of the shielding
> effect of the skull, not any intrinsic absurdity in the idea].

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