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> : >Until then, can you (or anyone else) tell me whether I am free to
> : >circulate the "raw" stuff that includes msgs posted by others? ken
> : >collins
> :
> : If the messages came from a public posting,
> : then you can do anything you want with it.
> : It isn't a copyrighted material any more.
> That's not quite true.  It is still considered copyrighted and
> the writer has the rights over it unless he has specifically
> given them up.
> A related question came up when someone wanted to use many postings
> by many different people.  A lawyer pointed out that no publishing
> company would touch the book without signed releases from every
> single poster.

If that were the "rule" then there could be very-little news published.
In my case, the materials I addressed in my prior post =are= the Record
of my Research.

But I do understand that it's a "sticky wicket"... which is why I've
seen, for years that, barring the opportunity to work devotedly to write
a well-integrated "compilation", the best way of communicating the
essentials of my research would be an in-person presentation.

I've understood, for much longer, that folks are "afraid" of what they
"think" I'd say if given such a presentation opportunity. I've no
control over what folks think, nor do I want such (if anyone looks,
they'll see that I've expended great efforts to Guard Free Will. It's
not for me to decide what folks'll do with the understanding. It's for
me to get the understanding Communicated to those on whose behalves the
work was done.

And if anyone looks, they'll see that, with very few exceptions (all
Failures on my part), I've worked to maintain any "difficult"
interaction between just me and whoever it is who's "buzzin'" me.

I understand that it's probable that, if I'm granted an in-person
presentation opportunity, there'll be folks, there, who'll not be
inclined toward Forgiveness, and that these folks'll want to
"sensationalize" the whole matter... I can only say that, as I've always
strived to (failing only in instances that I can count on the fingers of
one hand (no thumb needed)), I'll address such matters one-on-one with
folks who want to make other than the Science the focus. (There's one
Exception to this. I long ago charged Journalists with respect to their
Responsibilities to Report everything "Negative" with respect to myself.
This, of course was =Hard= (another "part" of my "Death"), but I Saw,
Clearly, that such would be Necessary be-cause there've been folks
who've been spreading Lies about me. Such "stuff" tends to take on a
"Life" of its own, and I Saw that it's "Existence" might Interfere with
folks' finding their ways with respect to the theory's understanding. So
I long-ago charged Journalists with their Responsibilities to Report
everything "Negative" with respect to myself. I Failed, early on, in
=one= instance, in the face of "incorrect information" that one
Journalist had gotten from other sources, and in =one= other instance,
in an effort to be able to keep on discussing my work in another online
"place", and I've commented on Political (Public) matters, because, as a
Citizen, the Constitution Requres me to do so, but other than these
things, I've not given 3rd-party stuff to anyone, except my Stalwart
Archivists, known only to me.

All of such efforts were made in the Hope of keeping the "door" open to
Forgiveness =with respect to folks other than myself=... because I had
to charge Journalists with their Responsibilities to Report everything
"Negative" with respect to myself, and because, I expect, the only way
I'll be able to Speak in my own defense is if I'm Required to thake an
Oath in Court of Law, and because I expect no one will ever allow such
to happen, my own Forgiveness will have to be something that's left
between me and God.

If folks "wonder" Why, unless I'm Attacked, I "tread so Gently" in my
online discussions, it's be-cause I'm Aware of how "afraid" =some= folks
are with respect to what I'm Doing. It's Why I always meet "Attacks"
Head-On... in an effort to get them through their courses as quickly as
possible, so that Innocents'll not be subjected to the stuff of the

I've long Understood, with Blazing-Clarity, that there're some who've
Misinterpreted all of this as "indicating" that I'm "defending"
=myself=. There has been =Nothing= that I could do with respect to such
because I Saw the =Neessity= of Guarding Free Will.

It's Hurt some. That's all... when I Saw that all of this Would Happen,
I Accepted my Obligation to the Life of the Understanding, and Disclosed
myself Fully... so long before anyone could "Misinterpret" my
intentions, I'd Disclosed everything "Negative" with respect to myself,
and the possibility of "defending myself" was, after that, Impossible.

One Must Choose what it is that one Will-Love, and =Love= it. K. P.

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