Does anyone know what orthostatic intolerance is???

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Mon Dec 14 19:02:24 EST 1998

William Byrd (wrbyrd at wrote:
: She said that this doesn't work because the blood pools in her legs when she
: stands, etc.  She was told that this is caused because she has poor muscle
: tone and her muscles don't contract to send the blood up to her heart.
: Currently she is working to improve her muscle tone by using low resistance
: weight training. Thanks for the suggestion, any way.
: Andrew K Fletcher wrote in message
: <912634507.940.1.nnrp-10.d4e44203 at>...
: >Raise the head of her bed by six inches or fifteen cm, so that the whole
: bed
: >slopes downward from head to toe.

Mr. Byrd,

I'd be careful about some of the medical advice distributed on this 
newsgroup.  Before taking it seriously, you should make sure that
whoever is offering the advice is qualified to give it.

Eric Johnson

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