What is the mind?

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at fox.tamu.edu
Mon Dec 14 20:33:01 EST 1998

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
: If that were the "rule" then there could be very-little news published.
: In my case, the materials I addressed in my prior post =are= the Record
: of my Research.

Why is that?  Very little that makes the news requires extensive
quotes of Usenet posts!  In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a
single news item based on Usenet posts.

What newspapers do you read that depend on Usenet posts?  What
news shows do you watch that depend on Usenet posts?
: ...
: I've understood, for much longer, that folks are "afraid" of what they
: "think" I'd say if given such a presentation opportunity. I've no
: control over what folks think, nor do I want such (if anyone looks,
: they'll see that I've expended great efforts to Guard Free Will. It's
: not for me to decide what folks'll do with the understanding. It's for
: me to get the understanding Communicated to those on whose behalves the
: work was done.

If you showed up and spewed forth the nonsense you spew here, whoever
brought you in to speak would look like a complete idiot for doing so.

: ...
: I understand that it's probable that, if I'm granted an in-person
: presentation opportunity, there'll be folks, there, who'll not be
: inclined toward Forgiveness, and that these folks'll want to
: "sensationalize" the whole matter... 

They'd probably want to hush it up so that people didn't think them
to be so foolish.

: I can only say that, as I've always
: strived to (failing only in instances that I can count on the fingers of
: one hand (no thumb needed)), I'll address such matters one-on-one with
: folks who want to make other than the Science the focus. (There's one
: Exception to this. I long ago charged Journalists with respect to their
: Responsibilities to Report everything "Negative" with respect to myself.

You're not even newsworthy.  

: <rest snipped>

Eric Johnson

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