Off-topic posts (was Re: So-long...)

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Mon Dec 14 21:47:34 EST 1998

\"Sir Knowitall\ ( at wrote:
: Just a one single example: The history of the origin of amorphic solar
: cells.

What about them?  Are you trying to imply that the theory was done by
someone with no expertise in any appropriate field (physics, I assume)?
Are you saying that the established theory said one thing and someone
with little or no expertise came up with another theory which contradicted
the first and was proven right?  Are you just implying that the first
person to notice and comment upon some effect was not an expert in
the field (which does not a scientific revolution make)?

If you're going to give an example, then give the example.  So far, you've
only mentioned something which may or may not be an example.

Eric Johnson

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