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Tue Dec 15 04:20:09 EST 1998

jwill at wrote:

> Log in to MEDLINE, and check out the Russian and Soviet
> "research" on microwave neural effects.
> I doubt you will see any differential effect on neurotransmitters:
> It's the wrong scale, entirely.  However, nerves or glands
> of different geometry or electrical characteristics may
> be made to respond differentially (heat is only a side effect),
> thus changing neurotransmitter ratios in tissue.
> The weapons programs against personnel pretty much have been
> abandoned, because of abuse of civilians in the 60's & 70's.
> Most of the applications now are unclassified and not very
> impressive.  That's why the Armed Forces abandoned them.

I would be curious to see any reference about research on "non-lethal"
antipersonnel weapons being abandoned.  References I come across seem
to indicate that research in microwave and other such EM and acoustic antipersonnel
weapons is both very active and very classified.

I would especially like any reference or even ancedote about the military
abuse of such weapons against civilians.  (Not because I do not think it happened,
but because I keep a lookout for such references.)

> However, in the hands of unscrupulous civilians, these
> "weapons" can be used to harass people for political,
> religious, or other reasons.  Or, for just plain malicious
> "fun".

The following is a link to David Guyatt's article "Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel
Electromagnetic Weapons," which provides a nice history of such weapons.

Allen L. Barker

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