I'm looking for Kainate.

Krakatoa stephan at nospam.ucla.edu
Tue Dec 15 04:04:53 EST 1998

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kkollins at concentric.net wrote:

> BTW, if anyone "wonders", I replied to the poster be-cause one of the
> Challenges my work received (the best, and the longest such Challenge)
> was expressly with respect to the excito-toxicity of kanic acid... NDT
> Passed the test with flying colors.
> I found the poster's comments "interesting" because I found it
> "strange", according to the poster, that kaini acid "was no longer
> available". That's all. K. P. COllins
> kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> > 
> > What you post is Interesting. Thank you. ken collins
> > 
> > ÌÁÖ¿µ wrote:
> > >
> > > I'm studying delayed neuronal cell death in Kainate-induced seizure model.
> > > Recently, I can't find any source that produce the Kainate.
> > > Sigma and Fluka Co. told me that they don't make the product now.
> > > Other companyes such as Tocris, ICN and RBI said that they can't find
> > > the material.
> > > Now, I'm studying emergently its action on neuronal cells. So, I strongly
> > > hope that I obtain it from antwhere. Does anyone know the
> > > source that make Kainate now? Or I'll greatly appreciate if anyone
> > > donate it. I need about 500mg of it now.

I'm sure KA is available, but like anything like it is periodically not
available. It's not unusual for everyone to run out of stuff like KA for a
few months because there is usually only one supplier.  My suggestion is
to find an electrophys lab because they should have it. I have plenty of
it, but noone uses it anymore really, it's kind of messy, personally, I
would find a different model of cell death myself, because the brain is a
mess after you treat it with KA.

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