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Tue Dec 15 15:59:41 EST 1998

"It takes more intelligence to make things simple than it does to make
them complicated." - Einstein

F. Frank LeFever wrote in message <751q6v$frd at dfw-ixnews6.ix.netcom.com>...
>I have deleted all but bionet.neuroscience from the irresponsibly long
>list of groups you have cross-posted to  (including misc journalism
>groups).  Let us hope that no one has anything to say regarding your
>noonsense, especially anyone who would initiate a plague of
>cross-posting from these oddly assorted groups.  No one is saying
>anything because we remember what you posted before and will nnot be
>tricked into downloading so many kilobytes of drivel (26K? 34K??).

No Frank, You have deleted the other groups because you are concerned about
who might be watching this conversation. I have absolutly nothing to hide
with respect to my posts.
>We remember you as the expert who does not know the difference between
>pump action and capillary action, but presumes to know something "new"
>about cerebral sipinal fluid circulation.

Did anyone mention a pump in my theory? I am unaware of any relationship
between a pump and the phenomenon which I am dealing with?

What do you have to hide Frank? Are you feeling a little threatened by
something which you have no knowledge of?

>Take a hint.

The hint came over loud and clear.

"I formally challenge you to find anything wrong with my explanation for
fluid transport. Go consult some physics books to see if you can find any
reference to this phenomenon."

When you are done, come back and destroy my arguments, but don't hide behind
the fact that your knowledge is limited to the areas you specialise in.

You would of course run rings around me in your own fields and I respect you
for that!

When I made the silly error of including the files you mentioned, I was a
newbie to news groups and because I had been reading a couple of binary news
groups, I made the mistake of thinking it would be OK to paste these files
I now know that this was stupid and have no problem appoligising for my

I take it you have not reconstructed my experiments? All good science must
be repetable science.

"Sci-lence" is golden.


>F. LeFever
>In <913570043.11659.0.nnrp-06.d4e44203 at news.demon.co.uk> "Andrew K
>Fletcher" <andrew.k.fletcher at naturesway.demon.co.uk> writes:
>>Its mighty quiet out there? is this the calm before the storm or has
>>already conceded?
>>Surely someone out there must have something to say on this subject?
>>Andrew K Fletcher wrote in message
>><913539439.21414.0.nnrp-11.d4e44203 at news.demon.co.uk>...
>>> How does water really circulate all living things?
>>>GCSE Basic Physiology and water transport.
>>>Andrews News wrote in message
>>><913461890.7789.0.nnrp-05.d4e44203 at news.demon.co.uk>...

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