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>> The most abusrd and telling point is that the ALF must be right to
>> in such publicity stunts, seems to be the only thing which raises
>> many peoples' awareness of the issues
>Not at all, as it has a negative effect.

Didn't disagree. Don't think the object of the ALF is "to be liked" somehow.
"Raise awareness" were the words I used.

> Every time AR extremists get
>themselves in the news by blowing up charity shops, people all over the
>place downgrade Animal Welfare in their list of Things To Be Concerned
>About. One extremist gets every AW supporter tarred with the "AR loony"

Well, I'm sure they've all been shouting loudly enough about how it's
nothing to do with them based on the same ideas you have. I think it's
called a broad church, and some people have the courage to be prepared to be
disliked or go to prison.

The fact is, the factory farming and all these other hideous things are
continuing unabated as we write. Dont' take your eye off the ball.

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