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Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Mon Dec 14 23:34:56 EST 1998

\"Sir Knowitall\ ( at wrote:
: I might (or might not) try to please you by sourcing the date and name of
: the article and publication I based my example on. Meanwhile it is about
: amorphous silicon crystals. At the time the experts said to this inventor
: that it could not (according to relevant theories) be used to convert
: sunlight into electricity.

The question is not "was the inventors' ideas readily accepted by the
mainline scientists?"  The question is over the inventor's knowledge
and understanding of the current theory which he was overturning?  
Was the inventor of amorphous silicon crystals someone who was ignorant
of the state of the art and found his own way in spite of it or was
his understanding of the theory on or near an expert level?

I have never claimed that new ideas are instantly adopted by everyone.

Eric Johnson

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