Mechanisms of hearing question

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Mon Dec 14 23:47:43 EST 1998

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> [I've a personal interest, too. Although my elderly father has two
> expensive hearing aids, he's beginning to have trouble separating out
> conversation from background. I'm hoping to find "noise-canceling", or
> better, hearing aids for him. (He was a carreer Soldier. His ears were
> damaged during his days in an Artillery Company... ear protection wasn't
> "respected" back then, and he just stood there getting "hammered"...]

BTW, ALL, before my comments are "misconstrued"... We had a big Family
Get-Together to Celebrate Dad's 90th Birthday. His Cogency =Still=
Challenges me. His Mother Lived to 100, sharp-as-a-tack right 'til the

Dad's main "difficulty" is Loneliness since Mom Passed-Away. The "time"
I'd, otherwise, Give to him is being Eaten by this work. He's all I've
got. And his Lonliness is my Personal-Sorrow. 

Kindly, leave this Good, and Never-Once-Failing-our-Family, Man out of
any Attacks folks deem Necessary.

I Give folks myself as more-than-ample "Target".

[I =Hate= having to do =This= "explaining of stuff that's Nobody's
Business before the Mean-Spirited "Rumors" start.] ken collins

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