What is the mind?

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John wrote:
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> >>However, there is reason to believe that what the brain does, in this
> >>particular
> >>instance, is non-physical, at least to the extent that you assume
> >>physical applies to entities and events in co-ordinates of both
> >>space and time.  None of us would even so much as think to look
> >>for a thought or feeling employing a physical instrument.
> It is both physical and non-physical. I don't think at present we have a
> ghost of a chance of climbing that ladder from the molecules to the thought.
> Concepts are non-physical, even if they may be contained within a neural
> substrate (please explain!) once spoken their effect lies beyond the control
> of the individual, or any other individual for that matter.

Potentially, Individual have Complete-Control over what they'll Choose
to do with the words when the words come to them.

Most-often, however, it's the case that an Individual's prior Experience
forms the "Sense" through which the words are "heard"... which, if
anyone Looks-and Sees, they'll Find, is one of the Main-Things Inherent
in in Why Understanding NDT's stuff is Worth-the-Work that Acquiring the
Understanding Entails.

Without the Understanding, Experience Dictates to folks. With the
Understanding, Folks're Free-to-Choose.

Such is the Fundamental Essence Inherent in "Inversion" (AoK, Ap4, Ap5
("dynamic subordinate coupling", "passive-active phase shift",
"supersystem configuration"), Ap7 (volition), and Ap8 ("behavioral

> This, however,
> does legitimate a flight to dualism. We simply may not be smart enough yet
> to understand these things. Personnally I prefer the Zen scholar's Suzuki's
> lament when pondering the problem of consciousness observing itself, "The
> sword cannot cut itself."
> "Forever shall I be a stranger to myself."

If so, it'll've been through your Choice, Might. G'd-eye, ken collins

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