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Example =Abound=... the =Trouble Is= that that you're Presuming to
"Know" what "Expertise" Is, and from that Presumption, Attempting to
Dictate, to everyone else who meets here, what they should Think.

Folks who'd have Failed your Presumptuous "test":

The Wright Brothers (just Celebrated the Anniversary of their First
Flight the other night... they were "mere bycycle-builders".

Mendelson... who's work did meet with Presumption similar to that which
you've Expressed.

Gallois... who's not Celebrated, but who had to Race to get his work
written-down before his world caved-in on him.

The Great Indian Mathematician, whose name I cannot, presently,
recall... Chandekar(sp?).

Einstein, who, subject to Presumption similar to yours, could not find a
Professor's position, so he had to work in the Swiss Patent Office... he
was called "dull" by one of his teachers.

The woman, whose name I, also, cannot, presently, recall, who did the
most Crystallographic work on which hinged the Reification of DNA... her
Expertise was so-little respected that practically all Credit was
Withheld from her (which Remains the case, BTW).

Faraday, was relegated to the ranks of "lab technician" until he, almost
single-handedly Established Electrical Science.

It's not only in Science that Presumption, such as that which you've
Expressed has Dictated things... Abraham Lincoln was largely-discounted
as a "country-bumpkin" by folks in Washington when he first arrived
there... McClellen held him in Contempt, enduringly... even though it
was this "country-bumpkin" who, almost single-handedly, Preserved This
Nation, while McClellen flat-out Refused to Fight to Save it.

The list goes on and on. If you want me to get out a book, I will... 

...then I'll tell you to read it. ken collins

Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
> \"Sir Knowitall\ ( at wrote:
> : Just a one single example: The history of the origin of amorphic solar
> : cells.
> What about them?  Are you trying to imply that the theory was done by
> someone with no expertise in any appropriate field (physics, I assume)?
> Are you saying that the established theory said one thing and someone
> with little or no expertise came up with another theory which contradicted
> the first and was proven right?  Are you just implying that the first
> person to notice and comment upon some effect was not an expert in
> the field (which does not a scientific revolution make)?
> If you're going to give an example, then give the example.  So far, you've
> only mentioned something which may or may not be an example.
> Eric Johnson

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