Off-topic posts (was Re: So-long...)

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Wed Dec 16 04:21:40 EST 1998

John (johnhkm at wrote:
: In the ongoing battle with Ken and neuroscience community, what is
: interesting to note is that initially everyone treated him with due respect,
                                              wasn't sure what to make of him

: then challenged him, and now for the most part are engaging in abuse. They
: may claim they are doing this for the 'public good' but this is baloney. We
: all have egoes, even reductionist deterministic anti dualist
: neuroscientists.

For a while, Ken was just another kook.  The problem is that he 
began having long, nonsensical, rambling conversations with himself.
On top of him talking to himself, his obviously bogus claims of
expertise in several domains was rather aggravating, too.

Eric Johnson

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