What is the mind?

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at fox.tamu.edu
Tue Dec 15 22:35:31 EST 1998

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
: I =am= saying that, given a "normal", fully-functional, nervous system,
: =all= non-natural "invasions", including pharmacological, can only
: decrease the overall information-processing capacity of the system as a
: =whole=. There might be an observable "enhancement" with respect to a
: specific function, but look and see, there'll =always= be a larger
: decrease in overall functionality.

If you were an "expert" in neuroscience, you would be expected
to come up with evidence to support such overbroad statements. 
But since you're no expert in neuroscience (in spite of your
claims to the contrary) and because of your history of posting
nonsense, we all know better than to put any credence in such
claims.  So why don't you be a good little boy and go away.

Eric Johnson

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