Mind.forth Programming Journal: 13 DEC 1998

Mentifex mentifex at scn.org
Tue Dec 15 22:04:16 EST 1998

"adoyson at nccn.net" on 15dec1998 wrote the lines re-arranged below:

> I want to add A.I. to my Robot.

Hello, adoyson at nccn.net.  Arthur T. "mentifex" Murray here.  I
acknowledge paternity of the illegitimate AI mind child Mind.forth
and I hope that your robot will give little "Andru" a good home.

> What exectly is MIND.FORTH?

As Mr. Spock once said, what is logic but a bird aloft in the wind?
Therefore logic dictates the following answer.  But first, did you
see yesterday's Mon.14.Dec.1998 USA TODAY p. 23A newspaper article
by Gary Andrew Poole titled "Computer Revolution?  It's almost over"?

First Poole glorifies Dennis M. Ritchie for inventing UNIX in 1969,
then castigates current computer entrepreneurs and calls Bill Gates
a high-tech plagiarist who brilliantly markets what Ritchies create.

What became of the mind-benders of yore who have no profit motive,
who profoundly create to make a statment, to change the world?  We
are marginalized, laughed and sneered at for programming in Forth
or in REXX, plonked into kill-files and flamed with flamboyance.

Mind.forth is just such a flameworthy THING THAT WOULD NOT LEAVE.

> The only page I can find about it is the SOURCE file.

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/m-forth.html Mind.forth
is the source file, yes, but please notice the thirty Comment pages.

> What INPUT do you give the program?

You tell the program things like, "Horses eat hay," "Cats eat fish,"
until you build up a knowledge base (KB) for Mind.forth to talk about.

> Only TYPED in from a keyboard?

Currently, yes, you use the keyboard, but maybe some other starry-
eyed dreamers will add speech recognition and let you talk to your
robot running Mind.forth as its robot operating system, its brain.

> When You give it input, what does it output?

It takes in your statement and goes into "spreading activation" as
words are recognized and ideas are associated.  Then Mind.forth
responds to you in English by bubbling up a thought from the deep
mindcore psi{ } via the language uk{ } and the verbal channel ear{ }.

> Is it a language/sentence processor?  More?

Well, yes, it is, but Mind.forth is also an invitation for other
malcontents and anti-status-quo-ists to participate in hacking the
species homo sapiens along a new germ line of mind not matter.

> I don't use Forth, never have.  I do have access to a Forth
> program for the computer which my robot has ONBOARD, but before
> I go to the trouble of preparing the program, I want to know
> what Mind.Forth does!

As they say in Forth, CREATE... DOES... the Singularity of Vinge.
Step forward, man.  This is not Microsoft, where you can be fired
for being innovative.  Be like Napolean and make your own luck.
> Will any Forth (?compiler?) run the mind.forth program correctly?

Eventually we hope to see the slumbering geniuses wake up and
port Mind.forth to every programming language known to man or beast.
Bide a wee until the code matures and makes sense to radical minds.
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