Save the Fluffies

Wed Dec 16 09:47:18 EST 1998

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>> >> Every time AR extremists get
>> >>themselves in the news by blowing
up charity shops, people all over the
>> >>place downgrade Animal Welfare in
their list of Things To Be Concerned
>> >>About. One extremist gets every AW
supporter tarred with the "AR loony"
>> >>brush.
>> >
>> Just a small point here, Never have
the A.L.F blown up a Charity Shop
>> (that didn't deserve it)
>Cancer Research Charity shops deserve
to be blown up then do they? Well I
>trust that if you're ever unlucky
enough to get the big C you'll be
>down all treatment.

Careful - we dont want  to expose the
hypocrisy in the AR arguments do we?

>> And just what the fuck are
>Cute, fluffy little humanised animal
types, you know, foxy-woxies,
>bunny-wunnies, that sort of
nausea-inducing sentimental image. I
>can't understand why cockroaches don't
get picked out for such attention,
>oh hang on, maybe it's because they
remind people too much of

Nahh...It's because they skulk in the
dark around the permieter with their
belly on the ground - just like AR

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