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> > Log in to MEDLINE, and check out the Russian and Soviet
> > "research" on microwave neural effects.
> >...
> > The weapons programs against personnel pretty much have been
> > abandoned, because of abuse of civilians in the 60's & 70's.
> > Most of the applications now are unclassified and not very
> > impressive.  That's why the Armed Forces abandoned them.
> I would be curious to see any reference about research on "non-lethal"
> antipersonnel weapons being abandoned.  References I come across seem
> to indicate that research in microwave and other such EM and acoustic
> weapons is both very active and very classified.

Thanks for the link below; I'll look into it.

I have heard about the abandoned "MKULTRA" and related projects,
including the censure of certain military officers for exposing
the program to civilians.  Mnay complaints of misuse seem to
be technically weak and therefore apparently unscientific, if
not imaginary.

If classified, I should point out that I live in a totally unsecure
area, full of foreign engineers and others (who are interested more
in making a living, I think, than spying), and have NO connection
with any government or military organization.  Therefore, DoD
regulations will have been violated by any public use of
"classified" weaponry off military reservations.

Yet, apparently, an adaptation of such weaponry has been in use in
my apartment complex for at least a year.  You might be interested
in seeing my reward notice (below).  So, I think you are incorrect
that such work might be "classified".  Or even authorized.

I should mention that I have served in the US armed forces and have
worked with nuclear weapons.  I also have done unclassified work
in the US Civil Service.

> > ...
> The following is a link to David Guyatt's article "Some Aspects of
> Electromagnetic Weapons," which provides a nice history of such weapons.
> --
> Allen L. Barker
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      Reward -- $10,000.   For
      information or technical
      evidence leading to the arrest
      and conviction of persons
      harassing residents of a Santa
      Clara apartment complex.
      A radar set or other microwave
      device, probably emitting
      random pulses, must be
          Email jwill at


Thank you for expressing an interest in the harassment
problem as described above.   I am a resident of the
complex in question and am the person offering the

The information in this message is not confidential or
personal; however, please do not post or publish it
without permission.

To be eligible for the reward, you must not have any
employment, blood, or marriage connection with the
Santa Clara Police Department or the Santa Clara City
government.   You also must not be forbidden by law,
for example by police or civil service regulation, to
accept such a reward.

Only ONE reward will be made; if the efforts of
several eligible persons lead to an arrest and
conviction, the reward will be divided equally among

To earn the reward, a plan, information, technical
innovation, or other approach must be accepted by the
Santa Clara Police as a basis for an arrest on the
charge of battery.   If your approach is rejected  by
the police, it means that the arrest  will not be
made; so, the reward will not  be made, either.

The charge for the arrest and conviction must be
battery.   Preferably, convictions also would be
obtained for one or more of:   invasion of privacy,
conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and espionage.
But, battery  will be enough for the reward.

If you wish to pursue the reward after reading this
message, I will meet with you in person before you
contact the police.   The police will require
informational testimony or  incontrovertible physical
evidence before  they will act.   Technical evidence
must be reduced to meaningful accusations.   My
difficulty to date has been that the Federal agencies
with the necessary technical expertise  insist that
the unexpert Santa Clara police do all the work.

My interest is in gaining relief from the persecution
I and others have been enduring;  if your information
or approach seems good to me, I most certainly will
help you provide the basis for an arrest.

If I think your approach will not work, and you have
factual information, you still  may contact the police
as a witness of a crime.

To avoid misunderstandings or attempts to try
approaches that already have failed, I now will
provide you with some information.

I will provide you additional assistance and
information if I think the Santa Clara police would
make an arrest based on your information or approach.

For example, if you knew the manufacturer or supplier
of apparatus being used in the harassment and could
show that one of the perpetrators had bought or been
given such equipment, that would help qualify you for
the reward.

General Description of the Problem:

The harassment is microwave radiation apparently
originating from three specific apartments in the
complex.   Because the radiation is being emitted
through solid wooden walls, the operators of the
microwave apparatus cannot be seen during the
harassment.   So, the major difficulty is in not
having eye witnesses of the act of harassment.

However, good electronic measurements of the radiation
probably would be adequate to support a search warrant
and lead to an arrest (or, preferably, three or more
arrests) and conviction.

Briefly, the radiation causes vague "hackle-raising"
feelings, pins-and-needles, blood pressure anomalies,
or acute pain, depending on intensity and body part
illuminated.   Except the acute pain, the symptoms
always take some time, often seconds, to develop after
one has changed location within ones home.   The
radiation makes sleeping or remaining still painful or
uncomfortable.   Based on NIH postings, the radiation
seems to cause biological effects by heat, by direct
neural interaction, or by paralyzing blood

The harassment generally becomes most intense around
midnight and again around 3:00 AM.

The apparatus may be modified medical equipment; but,
more likely, they are homemade--or, are modified
military radar sets, possibly misappropriated from the
armed forces.

All indications are that the devices, evidently three
or more of them, fulfill the following:

1. They are small and portable.

2. They allow for a beam diameter adjustable from
something like 1 cm to 20 cm.   The beam is well
collimated and has a range of 10 meters.

3. The devices probably have adaptive intensity
controls for constant RF flux into human tissue.
The beam seems switchable (perhaps to a
different device) between a low duty-cycle
random pulse and a continuous, microwave-oven-
like, operation.

4. They are operable on a power or amplitude
modulation based around 1 or 2 Hz.   They
probably are programmable with a variety of
random pulse frequency distributions.

5. They probably are operable on a tunable or
programmable microwave carrier frequency.

A legitimate use of such a device might be to treat
impotence in the home by dilation of blood vessels;
some recent Russian "research" in the online PubMed
(NIH) abstracts suggest this application.

One person being harassed has said he believes that
deer hunters may be using radar sets to deliver pain
to deer in hiding, forcing them into the open to be
shot.   In this case, he believes an Air Force
employee has been providing the radar.

The current, illegal use in this apartment complex may
be revenge for failure of an industrial espionage
setup (for theft of software products) that apparently
was aborted by my actions early last year.

Approaches already tried and failed:

"Failed" means that the Santa Clara Police would not
request a search warrant or attempt an arrest.   It
also may mean that evidence could not be obtained.

1. The microwaves interfere with TV audio and video
reception, UHF or VHF (or, sometimes, both),
causing a hiss or sputter when the antenna is
inserted in the beam.   Tapes of this
interference have not been acceptable for an

2.  In at least one mode of operation, the harassing
device is audible through the wall as a 1 - 2 Hz
transformer-like hum; the frequency increases to
perhaps 5 Hz when a sheet of aluminum is used to
block the beam.   Tapes of this sound have not
been acceptable for an arrest.

3.  Several models of RF spectrum analyzer have been
tried and have failed to reveal any particular
operating frequency in the range 5 MHz to 20
GHz.   This supports the idea that random pulses
(or, pulses at spread-spectrum frequency) are
emitted.   Narrow enough pulses would extend
into the TV broadcast range, whatever their
center frequency.

4.  The beam can not be detected by:
A.  An off-the-shelf microwave oven safety
B.  A pinwheel radiometer; or,
C.  A sensitive ammeter, with or without a wire
    for antenna.
D.  An automobile radar detector (BEL 830i)
    sensitive in X-band (10.45 to 10.60 GHz), K-
    band (24.05 to 24.25 GHz) and Super Wide
    Band Ka (33.4 to 36.0 GHz).
E.  Based on a report from another harassed
    person:  There is no response from a
    commercially available, beeper-sized
    portable mw detector sensitive to under 1
    microWatt per cm^2 over about 100 MHz to 5

5.  Assistance has been requested of several Federal
agencies, including FCC, FDA, EPA, DOE, CIA, and
FBI.   All seem to have concluded that action
must be initiated by the Santa Clara Police,
because of the criminal nature of the offense.

If you still think you have information, or means of
obtaining infomation, leading to an arrest and
conviction, please send me another Email at this
address (jwill at, including your name and
telephone number.

If you already have factual information in hand,
please describe it; if you have a plan of some kind
depending on future actions, I suggest not including
it in the message.   I will contact you from a secure
telephone within a few days.

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