A.I. Robots: Are we doomed?

Robert Sheridan rsheridan at cgsd.com
Wed Dec 16 11:49:25 EST 1998

Leif Bloomquist wrote:
> Rich Walker wrote:
> > > On a serious note, though, I have to constantly explain to people WHY we
> > > don't have Microsoft products controlling our 50-ton robots.
> >
> > I take it your answer now consists of two words:
> >
> > USS Yorktown
> Wasn't there a Star Trek: TNG Episode where an alien computer 'virus'
> wiped out a Galaxy Class starship called the USS Yorktown????

Actually, it was the USS Yamato, although I can think of several
episodes where computer
programs made by various ancient civilizations caused problems for the
Isn't it wonderful? In the 24th Century, computers will be so advanced
that our machines will be compatible
with machines developed by other sentient life forms, across the
galaxy... Hmm... Sort of like Independence
Day... :)

> I thought this was what you were referring to until I heard about the
> *real* USS Yorktown being taken out of commission by a Windows NT
> crash.  (Reported in The November '98 Scientific American).
> <brrrr> and a chill filled the room....

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