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kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Thu Dec 17 01:40:18 EST 1998

See how the PSY-OPers "see" you... "too lazy" to do distinct searches.
Do you want such "folks" =Dictating= your Lives to you? 

=Please= Allow me to give an in-person presentation. ken collins

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> See the way the two threads are named "differently", in an encumbering
> way that'll tend to induce folks to search only on "non-leathal
> weapons"?
> That's a Professional PSY-OPS technque Calculated to merge the "two"
> threads during one search... grouping my posts with the kooky-stuff...
> there were Same-Stuff threads, here in bionet.neuroscience a short while
> back... "Hearing Radar" :-)
> What am =I= doing posting =anything= in these threads? My first posts
> were just to do a little "fishing"... see if anything'd come up on the
> "hook"... look what I Caught :-)
> It's Hilarious. Today, 17Dec98, is the anniversary of the creation of
> the first =One-Way= Street in New York City, in 1791.
> For me, it's that way with folks who lay Falsehood at my feet... Truth's
> Determinism is =One-Way=... No-more Lying can ever happen in my
> "presence", be-cause I =Know= how to Read the One-Map that Maps Truth's
> One-Way Street :-)
> In a "few" years, =Everyone= Will-Be-Able to Do-The-Same... that's Why
> I'm such a "hot-item" these days... the "folks" who Rely-upon Falsehood
> are Runnin'-Scared that I'll Succeed in Communicating the Understanding
> to folks... I Expect things'll get Real-Nasty before the dust settles,
> so prepare yourselves... get your "Hearts" =Strong=, or skip-it.
> BTW, when the folks broke into my pc the other night, they also
> penetrated my pc's OS (which, I expect was their real target). I can
> tell because my pc now takes more than twice as long to run through one
> particular portion of its boot routine... this's happened to my pc
> =every "time"= I've come online for years.
> Why I'm getting into this is to ask folks to please Archive what I post
> because, it's most-likely the case that the extra boot "time" is due to
> a thing that's going to Attack my own archives when I go to access them
> in the future. (This exact thing has happened before... so, if you're
> so-inclined, =Please= save the files and make them available to others
> in the future. Thanks, ken collins
> [P. S. Now, =Wake-Up=, Y'all :-) kpc]
> [P.P.S. I just tried to post this... caught my pc "yawning" again :-)
> kpc]
> kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> >
> > BTW, "two", the way this thread has been "split-in-'two'", one part,
> > having no buzz words, in which I've been participating, and another
> > part, loaded with buzz words, in which I'm not participating.
> >
> > Never-the-less, anyone who does a search on Newsgroup stuff on
> > "non-lethal weapons" will get my posts thrown in with the other posts,
> > and it'll appear to them that I'm "participating" in the "kooky"
> > discussion.
> >
> > =Wake-Up=, Folks! Orchestrated Falsehood... right before your eyes...
> > please =Open= them. ken collins
> >
> > kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> > >
> > > BTW, I don't know what the other posters are talking about, but if
> > > anyone "wonders", =I'm= talking about the old-fashioned kind of
> > > "non-lethal" Weapons... Orchestrated-Falsehood.
> > >
> > > There's nothing so-routinely so-Devastatingly-Deadly. Sucks the Life
> > > right out of the world... leaving only "Life". K. P. Collins
> >
> > [...]

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