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Thu Dec 17 01:03:22 EST 1998

Secret Celebrity wrote:
> 'Animal Rights' in Britain is becoming a frontguard for a hardcore of
> semi-terrorist drop-outs whose media stunts and intimidatory techniques are
> in contradiction to the essence of their cause.
> Recently they released thousands of Mink into countryside around the New
> Forest and Shropshire.
> The Mink went on to establish themselves in the local ecosystems and
> permanently unbalance the food chain in the surrounding areas.
> Their current crusade is in the name of science: a government 'pledge' in a
> pre-election leaflet.
> As media bait they have a 'Mr Horne', currently serving 18yrs for Arson.
> Having been on  hunger strike for 65 days, 'Mr Horne' is now close to death,
> which (should it occur) will doubtlessly lead to a series of attacks on
> individuals and property.
> IMO these actions only serve to drive a stake between the rights movement
> and the scientific community, further polarising the resolve of the two
> factions.
> As it appears to the general public at large, the 'Animal Rights' movement
> has no real agenda ... only to attract media attention to their garbled
> message by whatever means they have at their disposal.
> Yours,
> S(peakers) C(orner)

Just because those individuals call themselves Animal Rights activists,
doesn't mean that all individuals who call themselves Animal Rights activists
agree with or support their actions.

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