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> If you want to "chew-on" something with respect to
> "Genetics-and-Behavior", it's my position that all so-called
> "twin"-studies are Indeterminant until Researchers do the work necessary
> to include the entirety of the pre-natal environment's influence upon
> development.
> Since Twins, share the same pre-natal environment, it may be the case
> that it's that shared developmental environment that is what's showing
> up, and, possibly, being Misinterpreted as "following from Genetics", in
> the "twin" studies.

Can you See it?

When a woman is highly-stressed while carrying her infants, with respect
to Infant-Survival, it's "Positive" for the relative-"disorder" inherent
that stress to be reflected in the developmentally-Determined
birth-options of the Infants... gives the Infants a Chance to "try
different options" right from the beginning, and increased the liklihood
that at least one, or the other, will make it. Regardless of
"identical-ness"... Stressed prenatal environment..."Dissimilar Twins".

The converse case, although less-dramatic, Fits, also... if the Mother
is Unstressed, then everything's hunky-dory, so development will tend to
replicate within a narrower range, Reflecting the fact that Mom and Dad
have gotten-it-"right" (could be Happenstance) regardless of
"identical-ness"... Unstressed prenatal environment... "Similar Twins".

Again, as far as I know, this Hypothesis remains untested. ken collins

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