Mechanisms of hearing question

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Wed Dec 16 19:24:34 EST 1998

gene johnson wrote:

> [...]
> The subject emissions may be an active reference signal for an
> interferometry-based control
> system for spatial location.  Haven't been able to find out much about it, but
> Holophonic
> Sound,  an ultra-high fidelity 3-D sound imaging and recording technique,
> includes a pair of reference signals at the ear locations on a human head model
> used in recording.
> Vestigial Bat Men, perhaps.  The nervous system is certainly  piggy-backed.
> Looking for
> citations.  The Holophonic secrets seem to be closely guarded, so maybe not
> much is in the
> open literature.
> GJ

In my experience, it's been the last thing, not the Science, itself,
that's been the main (Artificially-Imposed) Encumbrance. There've been
"folks" who've Actively-Worked =Against= the coming-forward of NDT's
Understanding. (With respect to such, I invite folks who've =all= of my
online discussions to cross-correlate "actions taken against Iraq" with
the "time"-correlated stuff of my postings... you'll find that =after=
the Gulf War (which was Necessity), all the "attacks", including the one
that's occurring as I write this, have had one thing in Common... I'd
always made it to a point at which I'd overcome folks' capacities for
pushing "diversion"... the "time" course of the present "attack"...
build-up, stand-down-and-wait... then, "out of the blue"... "Attack".

The "time" course, Inherent, is a veritable Reflection of what's
occurred here in bionet.neuroscience, sci.techniques.xtallography and
alt.religion.gnosis... my read is that all this goes directly back to
the Attempted-Theft of the Understanding, at the NRL, in 1983.
=Non-Elected= folks are coverin' their butts by _Wag[ging] The Dog_. K.
P. Collins

[Aside: the folks who broke into my pc even installed a new version of
my email program... pretty-slick work on my slow machine... no
duffers... most-likely Experts. kpc]

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