Off-topic posts (was Re: So-long...)

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Wed Dec 16 19:04:15 EST 1998

Walter Eric Johnson wrote:

> [...]

> For a while, Ken was just another kook.  The problem is that he
> began having long, nonsensical, rambling conversations with himself.
> On top of him talking to himself, his obviously bogus claims of
> expertise in several domains was rather aggravating, too.

What's "obvious" varies among Individuals, in a way that's
Rigorously-Coupled to Experience... so what you're saying is that it's
not within your Experience to Understand what I would have discussed,
had you not abused Precious "time".

But, Sorrowfully, there's been more "coverin' butts" than =anything=
merits. It's Sorrowful, in the sense of O'Henry's "Gift of The Magi"...
I'd "shorn my 'hair'" the better part of two decades ago... but there it
is... the Understanding =Still= Needed Communication... nothing
"excuses" me, or anyone else, from that Simple Fact, does it? ken

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