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Wed Dec 16 23:23:51 EST 1998

jwill at wrote:

> I have heard about the abandoned "MKULTRA" and related projects,
> including the censure of certain military officers for exposing
> the program to civilians.  Mnay complaints of misuse seem to
> be technically weak and therefore apparently unscientific, if
> not imaginary.

Unfortunately MKULTRA was not abandoned.  It was rolled over into
MKSEARCH.  It is amazing how much mileage can be had from a
re-naming.  After MKSEARCH, assuming it ended, I do not know any
official project name.  The extraordinary claim is that such research
actually did officially end.

> If classified, I should point out that I live in a totally unsecure
> area, full of foreign engineers and others (who are interested more
> in making a living, I think, than spying), and have NO connection
> with any government or military organization.  Therefore, DoD
> regulations will have been violated by any public use of
> "classified" weaponry off military reservations.
> Yet, apparently, an adaptation of such weaponry has been in use in
> my apartment complex for at least a year.  You might be interested
> in seeing my reward notice (below).  So, I think you are incorrect
> that such work might be "classified".  Or even authorized.

I am definitely not incorrect about classification for cutting-edge
microwave antipersonnel and mind control research.  (The recent _US
News_ article ``Wonder Weapons'' is a good example.)  That is not to
say that you are incorrect either, since some of this technology
could easily have leaked over the years into other sectors.

Your reward notice was indeed interesting to read.  It sounds a
lot like what Julianne McKinney described in her report
``Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation'':

> I should mention that I have served in the US armed forces and have
> worked with nuclear weapons.  I also have done unclassified work
> in the US Civil Service.

With these connections you are no doubt aware of the sorts of psyops
that occur in conjunction with covert operations.

Allen L. Barker

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