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>Secret Celebrity wrote:
>> As it appears to the general public at large, the 'Animal Rights' movement
>> has no real agenda ... only to attract media attention to their garbled
>> message by whatever means they have at their disposal.
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>> S(peakers) C(orner)
>Just because those individuals call themselves Animal Rights activists,
>doesn't mean that all individuals who call themselves Animal Rights activists
>agree with or support their actions.

Substitute "democrats", "communists", "socialists" and any other sort of
"ist" and you get the picture..... It rather irritates me that these
diatribes against animal rights activists seem to be based on human gang
behaviour, a sort of rationality-free zone. The theory seems to be, bang on
long enough about the fact they're all terrorists and people will end up
believing is when you look at the effect of this vituperation
that you begin to have serious the idea to shout down any
group which tries to get bad laws and customs changed, and if so, is this
simply on the basis of bigotry against radical change?


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