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>>The most abusrd and telling point is that the ALF must be right to indulge
>>in such publicity stunts, seems to be the only thing which raises
>>many peoples' awareness of the issues.....and I find our population
>>amazingly hypocritical about the whole thing.
>How many people buying meat would be prepared to slaughter, gut and dissect
>the carcasses of the animals in question?

I have slaughtered my own meat in the past, and I used to shoot and eat
'tresspassing' pheasants until I discovered the nasty things they are
fed on these days.

That people are squemish about slaughtering animals shows how sadly out
of touch most people are with the source of their food.

In some third world countries I have been in the slaughter of an animal
is still cause for a family or public celebration, and even kids don't
seem the slightest bit worried.
Gnome 11

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