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Thu Dec 17 17:00:52 EST 1998

>The most abusrd and telling point is that the ALF must be right to indulge
>in such publicity stunts, seems to be the only thing which raises
>many peoples' awareness of the issues.....and I find our population
>amazingly hypocritical about the whole thing.


How many people buying meat would be prepared to slaughter, gut and dissect
the carcasses of the animals in question?
How many people who use pharmaceuticals or household products would be
prepared to shave domestic animals and apply electrodes and caustic patches
to various parts of their bodies?

Not many.

Industrialised societies work on the premise that each individual is
employed within a given role.

'Cruel' acts take place is because it is someone's job to carry them out.
The fact that many of us find them so stomach wrenching is neither here nor
there. The populace will *still* buy products which at some point have
involved animal cruelty, and payment to the individuals who actually carried
out the 'cruel' act is absorbed in the price of the product.

Blowing scientists houses up is not going to change these simple facts.

Think it over.


S(liced) C(hicken)

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