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Thu Dec 17 18:23:13 EST 1998

Terry Smith wrote:
> > From: "John" <johnhkm at>
> > Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:17:53 +1000
> > In the ongoing battle with Ken and neuroscience community, what is
> > interesting to note is that initially everyone treated him with due
> > respect, then challenged him, and now for the most part are engaging
> > in abuse. They may claim they are doing this for the 'public good'
> Don't set up straw-men, John. No-one has made that claim. As you say, we
> initially gave him respect,

What John said, and you've reiterated, is "Skippy-Chippie" B. S.
stuff... early-on, folks were "just" "orienting" to the newly-resumed,
but old-Familiar stuff. I can Verify this.

> saw what he had to say, then reached the
> conclusion that we are dealing with a genuine net-kook.

More "school-yard- Bully stuff... such has no hold on a man whose
given-up Everything, Terry... at least try to get Original.

> The abuse is one attempt to make the prolix self-deluded megalomaniac find
> somewhere where his amusement value might be appreciated.

More Falsehood. K. P. Collins

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