Mechanisms of hearing question

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Thu Dec 17 22:26:53 EST 1998

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> [...]
> So, when they Jumped me, this "time", I'd Had-Enough... "I'll fight it
> out on this line if it takes all summer", (U. S. Grant).
> I'm "on this line" for as long as it takes. K. P. Collins


"The Lord works in funny ways."

In an effort to stop the "stock-market" decline, decided to "blow" some
Credit-Card-Science-Foundation money, be-caues I =Knew= that "folks"
were Monitoring my credit-card transactions.

I flew halfway across This Nation to let a voice-filled-with-Genius
course through me...

...and, in the Truth that was-there, =Met-my-Never-Again-"Avoidable"

Those who'd Ravage, rather than, Honor, Truth Expressed Choice.

I Guard Free Will. K. P. Collins

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