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Thu Dec 17 22:10:12 EST 1998

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> [...](be-cause the People of Iraq... the Children... so Suffer...
> when such occurs, TD E/I(up) has a way of stealing-into a "Governor's"
> "mind", regardless of how well-"insulated" the "Governor" is... and as
> TD E/I(up) occurs, the "leader's" nervous system's nerual activation,
> and, therefore, it's neural topology become relatively-randomized...
> it's old-long-since that Saddam can't even "think-straight")

Don't get-me-wrong. A Dictator Pushed into the "zone of randomness"
(AoK, Ap4) is a Terror-Being.

But, Look-and-See... NDT's Understanding was Available to "Everyone",
no-'string'-attached, other than that it not be Withheld from folks who
Suffer-Greatly... from the Children, since 1980... there's been =Plenty=
of "time" to've Put the Understanding to its =Best-Use=... which is to
Give it to folks having Dictatatoial Bents, so that they'll have a
Chance of Choosing Humanness over Blind-Automaton-ness... and, if not
the Dictatorial folks, then the People whom they "govern", who will
Straight-Away, get "their" Dictatorial folks Straightened-Out-Real-Good.

Such is what NDT is all about... Enfranchising Folks to
Freedom-of-Action in a way that Optimizes Folks' nervous systems'

Check-it-out, =Given= what's in-there, Folks're =Free= ...and, in such
Freedom, Exists that which "America", formerly, Proposed that it'd =Be=.

It's old-long-since, however, that Non-Elected "folks" did their
Coup-thing, Discarding the Constitution of the United States of America,
"replacing" it with something that's Superficially-"indistinguishable",
but which is, in-fact, something Dedicated-in-it's-Entirety to
"Service"-to-the"Beast", Abstract Ignorance.

The Non-Elected "folks" Saw what was in NDT's Understanding, and
"endeavored" to "co-opt" it to Serve their =own= ends...

...well, at least, in the last part of that, they Chose-Correctly. K. P.

[BTW, I'd =Communicated= to the Non-Elected folks that if they =just=
Allowed the Understanding to Be-Communicated, I'd =just= "go-away"...
they Didn't... so my Obligation to get the Understanding Remained... but
every "time" I undertook to try to get the Understanding Communicated,
the Non-Elected "folks" Jumped me, thereby, thwarting Communication...
Abandoning Folks who Suffer-Greatly (All of "Yugoslavia", for
instance... all of the "Soviet Union", Northern Ireland, The Holy Land,
the Pakistanis and the Indians, the North Koreans, the Africans, the
Chinese and Taiwanese...

... =all over the place, the "work" of these Non-Elected "folks" has
Dictated to those who Suffer-Greatly, Suffer-Greatly, =More=... "to hell
with the Children"...?

So, when they Jumped me, this "time", I'd Had-Enough... "I'll fight it
out on this line if it takes all summer", (U. S. Grant).

I'm "on this line" for as long as it takes. K. P. Collins


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