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Thu Dec 17 20:40:29 EST 1998

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> This "playing-with-the-Dictator" "Game", is Easy to "Play"... but
> =Serious= Consequences will, never-the-less, follow. The Sorrowful thing
> is that the short-sighted "endeavors" of the Non-Elected "folks" who're
> driving things ("Experts" :@ can't even See the =Serious= Consequences
> that will follow.

For those who read the Analysis that I posted in alt.religion.gnostic a
short while back (with "respect" to the unprecedented-in-History mix of
Globally-High TD E/I and "nuclear" proliferation, due to Societies-Wide
Learning, and subsequent "passive-active phase shift"-ing (AoK, Ap5
("Inversion" (AoK, Ap4, Ap5, Ap7, Ap8)), following from =Taught=
formation of "sensory-templates" (AoK, Ap5), check it out:

"You can forget about START-2 ratification, Sergei Prikhodko, President
Boris Yeltsin’s deputy chief-of-staff for foreign affairs, told Russian

The Consequences of Ignorance "replacing" Truth are =Always-Serious=.

(Truth =Never= gets "replaced". It "just" "Transforms" into Unavoidable
Consequences of its having been Ignored.)

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