On the line or over the line?

Richard Norman rsnorman at mw.mediaone.net
Fri Dec 18 08:09:03 EST 1998

I, too, was about to post a query about the "largest number of
consecutive postings by a single individual on a single subject".
Perhaps we should go back to the days of the aspartame

To K Kollins -- you are entitled to your opinions, but you really
only get one shot at any topic.  If you are so prone to revising
and adding on and appending, why don't you simply keep quiet
until you think out just what your position really is. Then edit it for
brevity and clarity of thought, and post exactly once.  Your
current behavior is an abuse of the system of free exchange of
ideas and information.

F. Frank LeFever wrote in message <75cm7h$if4 at sjx-ixn9.ix.netcom.com>...
>Of the 12 headings my browser pulled up this evening, 9 were by
>kkollins--including this one the fifth in an un-interrupted string.  I
>realize the fellow is having a hard time maintaining his self-image,
>but must he do it in a public space, crowding out other members of the
>newsgroup?  Would this document sufficient abuse (given that this is
>NOT an unreprsentative sample of his behavior) for his internet service
>provider to take action?  Less dramatic than the Desert Fox operation
>and stock market fluctuations, but simple and to the point?
>Do others in the newsgroup see a problem here?  Do others see a

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