Mechanisms of Grandiosity

Marco Hoeksma m.r.hoeksma at
Fri Dec 18 03:54:25 EST 1998

Uhhmm, I checked through his thread (which is still very appropriately
called 'off topic posts') and it seems like he had a computer virus of
some sort, but Ken interpreted it as someone breaking into his computer.
Also, he mentions his phone being tapped and his creditcard transactions
being monitored. I think (or should I speak in Ken's terms and say 'It
stands Rigorously Verified') that Ken has a serious mental health
problem. No need to argue with him; he will all see it as being part of
a plan. Maybe some lithium will help though.


"F. Frank LeFever" wrote:
> How naive of us to think that someone around whom the whole world
> revolves could be impressed by our frail human attempts at pointing out
> his errors...
> How sad that innocent Iraqi "collaterals" must die to prevent The Great
> One from enlightening us when a simple computer virus preventing his
> internet access would have sufficed...

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