Mechanisms of Grandiosity

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Thu Dec 17 23:27:30 EST 1998

How naive of us to think that someone around whom the whole world
revolves could be impressed by our frail human attempts at pointing out
his errors...

How sad that innocent Iraqi "collaterals" must die to prevent The Great
One from enlightening us when a simple computer virus preventing his
internet access would have sufficed...

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>I did further Analysis today, which I'll discuss below.
>kkollins at wrote:
>> gene johnson wrote:
>> > [...]
>> > The Holophonic secrets seem to be closely guarded, so maybe not
>> > much is in the
>> > open literature.
>> >
>> > GJ
>> In my experience, it's been the last thing, not the Science, itself,
>> that's been the main (Artificially-Imposed) Encumbrance. There've
>> "folks" who've Actively-Worked =Against= the coming-forward of NDT's
>> Understanding. (With respect to such, I invite folks who've =all= of
>> online discussions to cross-correlate "actions taken against Iraq"
>> the "time"-correlated stuff of my postings... you'll find that
>> the Gulf War (which was Necessity), all the "attacks", including the
>> that's occurring as I write this, have had one thing in Common...
>> always made it to a point at which I'd overcome folks' capacities
>> pushing "diversion"... the "time" course of the present "attack"...
>> build-up, stand-down-and-wait... then, "out of the blue"...
>...has followed the "ups-and-downs" of events here in
>bionet.neuroscience since I returned online in Oct.
>> The "time" course, Inherent, is a veritable Reflection of what's
>> occurred here in bionet.neuroscience, sci.techniques.xtallography
>> alt.religion.gnosis... my read is that all this goes directly back
>> the Attempted-Theft of the Understanding, at the NRL, in 1983.
>> =Non-Elected= folks are coverin' their butts by _Wag[ging] The Dog_.
>> P. Collins
>> [Aside: the folks who broke into my pc even installed a new version
>> my email program... pretty-slick work on my slow machine... no
>> duffers... most-likely Experts. kpc]
>When I posted the above, I didn't Expect anyone here in
>bionet.neuroscience to "get-it", but I've been discussing the
>with others for years... and since my phone's been "tapped", folks
>other-than-the-others also had access to those, mostly-telephone
>Check it out... the fact that there was only a single-carrier
>on-station, Verifies that the "timing" of the "decision" to Attack
>is, in fact, Suspect... a 2nd carrier group will only arrive
>a couple of days hence... no Commander would take such action without
>having all his ducks-in-a-row... which the missing carrier group
>Saddam Hussein =Deserves= to Fall =Hard= for his Murderous Ravaging of
>the People of Kuwait, and his attempt to Dictate to the whole Arab
>World... he's still there be-cause the Gulf War was not Prosecuted to
>But it's not even "Saddam", or any of his so-called "refusal to accept
>U. N. Inspectors" that's at the Heart of this matter... My read is
>Saddam was a Basket-Case =long= ago. Over the years, Saddam has been
>played like a yo-yo by Non-Elected folks who take "Pleasure" in
>such to others.
>This "playing-with-the-Dictator" "Game", is Easy to "Play"... but
>=Serious= Consequences will, never-the-less, follow. The Sorrowful
>is that the short-sighted "endeavors" of the Non-Elected "folks"
>driving things ("Experts" :@ can't even See the =Serious= Consequences
>that will follow.
>That's be-cause they're so Obsessed with Covering-Up their former
>of something as big, and now as well-known, as NDT's Understanding...
>the "timing" of the Attack on Iraq has everything to do with what's
>going on here in bionet.neuroscience, and hardly-anything to do with
>"Saddam", who by this "time" doesn't even know which way is "up"
>anymore... (be-cause the People of Iraq... the Children... so
>when such occurs, TD E/I(up) has a way of stealing-into a "Governor's"
>"mind", regardless of how well-"insulated" the "Governor" is... and as
>TD E/I(up) occurs, the "leader's" nervous system's nerual activation,
>and, therefore, it's neural topology become relatively-randomized...
>it's old-long-since that Saddam can't even "think-straight")
> the Non-Elected folks "just" monitored what I've been Doing here
>in bionet.neuroscience, and when they "saw" that I'd begun to Win a
>minds, they "went to plan A"... which was to Divert folks' Attention
>from their Delicate-just-Becomming-Understanding... mainly by
>=Dictating= to Journalism what Journalism "Will-See", so Journalism
>Divert the Citizenry's Attention from NDT's sutff.
>The Attack is upon Truth, itself... it's all "just"
>Orchestrated-Falsehood... paid for by the Citizenry's Tax-money...
>Billions going down the drain in what amounts to nothing more than an
>Orchestrated attempt to Withhold Truth from the Citizenry.
>But all of the above was "just" the product of old, long-former
>Analysis... the thing I turned my Attention to today was the Question
>whether the whole "sex-scandal" thing was, itself, more of the Same
>Mean-Spirited Stuff... was The President (who "just"
>Blows-with-aany-wind-that-comes-his-way, anyway... Wake-Up, folks
>Why he's "in-office", anyway) =Manipulated= in a way that amounts to
>Blackmail with respect to his Ability to "just" =Lead=?
>Folks in CSi JForum know that I was already working on this Analysis
>right at the start of the "scandal"... I went into
>"Watch-and-wait-and-See" mode, but I see that I must take it up
>it does have all the "Hallmarks" of the way the Non-Elected "folks" go
>about =Dictating= to folks... they Impose Dis-information all over the
>place... "tuning-precision voids" (AoK, "short-paper", Ap3, Ap5)...
>their "goal" is to Dis-Integrate the Citizen's Unity, and then "just"
>Allow folks to "cut-each-other-up"... it's all very-easy to
>"Accomplish"... all that's needed is a "well"-organized "spook"
>taking it's orders, on a need-toknow basis (which means there's no one
>but the Orderers who actually Knows what's going on... given such
>"structure", the "ends" I describe, above, are Trivially-Easy to
>But I've been On_Watch all along... all I have to do is
>Everything. At this point, I'm not, at-all, "shy" with respect to the
>Hypothesis... it Flat-Out Needs to be Tested.
>Seven Years of Calculated Deception... not on the part of "the
>president", but on the parts of Non-Elected "folks" who want to
>to the Citizenry of the United States of America. K. P. Collins
>[what'd be even-more Alarming is if the Non-Elected are "just"
>that they've "just" been Bungling their ways through the
>rollercoaster-ride on which This Nation has been Taken. kpc]

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